Kamil Peteraj

(*1945), Slovakia

Creative activities

Kamil Peteraj is a well-known Slovak lyricist and poet. He studied dramaturgy at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He has written lyrics for more than fifty albums of Czechoslovak popular music and is rightly regarded as the founder of modern Slovak lyrics. He has collaborated with successful singers and composers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Several of his lyrics, such as Balada o poľných vtákoch, Biely kvet, Medulienka, Úsmev, belong to the golden fund of Slovak popular music. For his lyrics he has won five gold, five silver and three bronze Bratislava Lyres. In addition, he has written lyrics for the successful Slovak musicals Cyrano z predmestia, Adam Šangala, Tisícročná včela -Thousand Year Bee and Šľahačková princezna -Whipped Cream Princess. The song Vyznanie with his lyrics, sung by Marika Gombitová, became a hit of the twentieth century. He is the recipient of several literary awards, including the PEN-Club Award.

Other laureates

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